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Corfu, an Ionian island in Greece, has a problem with its waste management system. More waste is created than the system can manage, so garbage keeps piling up in landfills and in the streets.

This phenomenon reached a tipping point last year, during Corfu's garbage crisis. A growing community of motivated Corfiots took action protesting, lobbying local governments, setting up their own recycling centers, and more. But while the issue is no longer in a state of crisis, this bottom-up approach, as impressive as it is, still has limits.

So Our Team began with a broad research question: what does Corfu's waste management system look like, and how can the people of Corfu improve it? We spent a week on the island conducting interviews, visiting relevant sites, and facilitating cocreative dialogues between key stakeholders. Here's what we found.

Study conducted in July 2019, managed by Xenia Tombrou.


Our Findings

Solutions & Next Steps

Our Team

Our Process

Daily Journal

"The issue we were looking into is the broken waste management system on a finite Greek island. The opportunity is the engaged Greek and Expat community of the island, that is taking big and steady steps towards a greener island." - Xenia Tombrou

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